Installation of a flat sheet liner

Installing your Beutyliner pond liner is an easy task, unfortunately there is no one single correct way to install it. Installation methods vary between each type of liner and the finish you are trying to achieve. The only constant between all installation methods is that the edge must be physically held down in one way or another such as using rocks, burying in a ditch or covering with a capping stone.

In this section we detail some common installation methods as well as tips and tricks we have discovered over the years.

Standard Installation

Step One. Carefully lay out the shape of your pond with a rope or hose. Start digging, always cut into the shape. Dig to a minimum depth of 350mm, leaving 225mm wide shelves 225mm below the water level. Step Two. The pond edges should be cut back to allow for the edging. Insert short wooden pegs 1 to 1.2 metres apart around the top edge and check that the pond is properly levelled. After final trimming and shaping, inspect the...
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Folding Corners

When you build a formal water garden with vertical sides, you have two choices for installation, either a profile liner or a flat sheet with folded corners. The “Folded Corner” installation method is our preferred choice, as it will always fit, even if the base or walls are out of alignment. These instructions will help you get a professional result. Preparation Fold the long walls into the middle of the liner so the full height of the wall and the...
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Pipes & Penetrations

Penetrations are an unfortunate requirement of most ponds. Penetrations can be required for filling systems, balancing, pumping and overflows amongst other reasons. These penetrations should be kept to a minimum and only used for water, not wiring. Any wiring for pumps or lights should be brought over the top of the liner, as these wires are usually black they blend into the rubber and become virtually invisible. Round penetrations can be easily installed in Beutyliner pond liners. To be successful...
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Edge Finishing

There are almost as many ways to finish your pond edge as there are ways to build your pond. Here we detail some of the most common methods. Capping Block Finish In formal installations where the sides are vertical and the shape is regular, the Beutyliner can be made as a flat sheet or as a box section with vertical sides. The top edge gets folded onto the top of the wall blocks and a capping block is installed to...
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Streams and waterfalls can be incorporated into a pond design very simply with Beutyliner pond liners. Where the connection between the pond and the waterfall is above the level of the still water, you simply overlap the two liners with the upper section sitting on top of the lower section. The water will flow over the top of the liners and will not leak. Where the connection between the two liners will be at or below the still water level...
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Water, Plants & Fish

Before the addition of your fish it is important to stabilize the water. This can be achieved with a few easy steps. Clean out your pond before the addition of water. Remove all dirt and other contaminants and if necessary fill with water and pump dry. Wipe clean with a clean cloth. Introduce plants into the system with adequate oxygenating plants in relation to the pond size. Leave to stabilize for 2 – 3 weeks and do a pH test....
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