Folding Corners

When you build a formal water garden with vertical sides, you have two choices for installation, either a profile liner or a flat sheet with folded corners. The “Folded Corner” installation method is our preferred choice, as it will always fit, even if the base or walls are out of alignment. These instructions will help you get a professional result.


Fold the long walls into the middle of the liner so the full height of the wall and the overlap are folded in. Do the same for the short ends. Once folded, you should have a piece of rubber slightly smaller than the dimensions of the base. Adjust the base so it fits exactly.


Lift up the shorter walls (the second fold made in the preparation stage) and hold them temporarily in position with weights (such as a house brick or capping blocks).

Lift the longer wall into position by taking the corner at point “A”, and lifting it into position at point “B”. The “Dogs Ear” or hospital corner will fold automatically into the back.
Note : Ensure the back of the corner (point “C”) stays well above the water line.


Cut the corner vertically and allow the Beutyliner to lay down onto the edge.

Permanently fix into place with capping.

Note : Do not cut the corner below the water line.