Warrnambool Biofilta

Using world-class technology, this biofiltration system will catch water before it runs into local waterways and provide an irrigation resource for local parks and other recreation areas.

Warrnambool Biofilta

The Biofilta System has been designed to capture and treat the stormwater runoff from this greenfield Aberline Road estate, future home to nearly 500 new residents.

the Warrnambool System will set a new benchmark of spatially efficient stormwater harvesting using natural proven processes

Brendan Condon, Managing Director – Biofilta

With support from the Round 1 Office of Living Victoria grant program, the Biofilta System will incorporate a multi phase stormwater treatment train approach to capture road and roof water from the 41 hectare development site and treat to exceed Best Practice environmental standards.

Warrnambool Biofilta Biofiltration System - Under Construction

Biofiltration is not a new technique for cleaning water, nature has been doing it since the first plant grew on this earth.  Biofilta have taken what nature does so well and modularised it.  These modules consist of pre-grown mature plants grown in triple washed sand media. Plants are grown to a robust and mature form and delivered to site fully established.  Each module has a specially designed base unit that provides both stability for growing in the nursery and provides a consistent reset level for future maintenance.

By partnering with Beutyliner, Biofilta can quickly deliver a biofiltration system to your project, with the flexibility to meet your design requirements and exceed worlds best practice.

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