Pond Liner Styles

Formal pond from MIFGS with a box welded pond liner

A Beutyliner pond liner can be made to suit any size or shape pond you can imagine, from a small feature piece to an artificial lake or dam. When planning your pond design keep in mind there are three major forms of pond liner that we manufacture, along with special project liners.  Any of these liner styles can be manufactured from both Butyl & EPDM rubber.

Our flat sheet pond liners are ideal for smaller ponds or simple shaped water gardens.  Our composite pond liners suit freeform natural ponds and water gardens with the advantage of using less rubber during manufacture, saving you money.  Box welded (or profile form) pond liners suit architectural style ponds or water tanks, where the base is flat and the walls vertical.

Flat Sheet Liners

Installation of a flat sheet liner
A flat sheet liner is the most common liner we manufacture and is suitable for most pond designs. A flat sheet liner follows the contours of your excavation or can be folded into corners to create a more formal shape. Flat sheet liners can be manufactured very quickly and as the name suggests, are a simple flat square or oblong. Given the versatility of a flat sheet liner, it is perfect for using as a streambed liner in combination with...
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Composite Liners

Composite liner being installed
A composite liner takes the same concept as the flat sheet liner and allows it to conform to more complex shapes where a standard flat sheet would result in significant wastage. Composite liners allow you to design a feature with streams and ponds all on the same level and not waste money on material that is not required. Also, when designing large ponds or irregular shape, a composite liner can save substantial cost by conforming to the shape of the...
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Profile & Box Welded Liners

Profile/box welded liner
Profile and box welded liners are used in more formal designs where the base of the feature is flat and level, and the walls are vertical. Within these constraints we can create any shape you can build including curves, acute angles or any combinations of these. Profile form liners require more time to manufacture and quality test than flat sheet liners, and like composite liners it is advised to measure from the construction not the plan. We can also manufacture...
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Special Project Liners

Water testing a jelly wrestling pool
Liners can be manufactured for multiple different purposes and projects, and not always for storage of water. Beutyliner has manufactured liners for all sorts of different things, including: Inflatable jelly wrestling pools for Gilligans Backpackers, Cairns, Water filled wobbly bladders for Infinity Attraction, Gold Coast, Explosion containment bags for the Bureau of Meteorology, Air calibration equipment for Futuris and inflatable mouldings for carbon fibre yacht componentry. These are just a small sample of things which can be achieved with Beutyliner....
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Which style of pond liner you choose is up to you.  Because all our pond liners are custom manufactured in Melbourne, we can mix and match styles to get the best result.  If you are not sure which style pond liner will best suit your project, please get in touch with us and we can help steer you in the right direction.